DIY Charity Wedding Favors

When I was planning our wedding, I struggled for a long time with what to do for a favor for our guests.  Everything I found was expensive and cheap looking, and seemed rather useless.  I wanted to find something that was meaningful to us as a couple, but mini candles and candy just didn’t do anything for us.

We ended up deciding that we wanted to make a donation to a cause that’s meaningful to us. Our dog was rescued from Georgia, and he is the best dog we could have ever hoped for.  Animal rescues make it possible for dogs like Grif to find a forever home.  If he hadn’t been rescued, he would have been euthanized.  Enough of me plugging animal rescues!  On to the point of this post!

I took on the project of creating a card for our guests to tell them about the donation.  I had debated for a while a few different ways we could tell our guests.  Here is the progression of my ideas:

1.Hand paint a thrift shop purchased frame, make sign about donation, and place at the table with the card box and guest book.  I decided against this after realizing that most people wouldn’t notice it.  In hindsight I’m glad I didn’t do it this way because most people didn’t notice the “guest book” anyway!

2. Put a smaller sign on each table like a table number.  Not a terrible idea, but I wanted to limit the larger items on the tables.

3. Individual cards of some sort for each person.  Winner!

Here is what I did:

A family friend found this idea, but I think it could be done better in the future.

A business card company called Moo sells mini business cards.  For $20, you get 100 mini cards.  They allow you to upload pictures and custom design your card.  They also have a number of pre-designed styles you can pick from.  I love this cupcake theme:

Domestic Quest- premade

My word of warning about these cards, is when they say mini, they mean it.  I had difficulty reading the writing on the back, and I’m a twenty-something.  My poor mother couldn’t make out anything on the back.  If I were to do it over again, I’d pick a larger product.

Once they arrived, I went out and purchased a riveter, rivets, and ribbon.  Here is the end result:

Domestic Quest- DIY Wedding Favor

It was a very easy project, and cost very little to make.  There are a ton of ways that you could do a variation of this project, and I absolutely love the idea of charity favors.  If any of you did a charity favor yourself, I would love to hear how you made them and what your guests thought!

Till next time!


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3 thoughts on “DIY Charity Wedding Favors

  1. Bits of Mimi March 24, 2013 at 2:51 pm Reply

    I am absolutely thrilled about this idea! This is such a meaningful and generous gift and I applaud you for it. I’m a huge animal advocate as well and you’ve really inspired me.

    • petridese March 24, 2013 at 3:22 pm Reply

      Thank you! I think it was the best decision I made for our wedding.

  2. redesigned March 24, 2013 at 10:56 pm Reply

    I’ll have to check out Moo. Sounds like it could be a good new source – thanks! I didn’t go the charity route, but I had the same thoughts about wedding favors when I thought about mine. I decided to hand make mine… you can find it on my blog. ~M

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